Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Asean Para Games - The Set Design

Final Set Impression
Set with LED wall 

Inspired by the logo of the APG corporate identity. 
The final backdrop is set of three giant figurative sculptures 
each standing approximately 10 meters 
in height elevated on platform stage. 

The Set serves as backdrop for projection 
and juxtaposition of images.

"As a first time Set Designer and Prop Master for 
8th Asean Para Games Opening & Closing Ceremony, 
this project had impacted me personally with the team effort constantly trying to changing the perception of one’s ability profoundly. 
Designing the set and props, I/we constantly have to expand possibilities 
and negotiate constraints to redefine one’s ‘ability’."

Side view of the set

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Asean Para Games - Movement 4 AWWA Timelapse Raw Footage - Original

Creative Director: Philip Tan 
Movement Director: Pua Jin Wen
Set/Props Director: Airik Ng
Visual & Communications Director: Dr Tan Kai Syng
Costume Director: Moe Kassim 
Lighting Director: Suven Chan
Technical/Special Effects Director: Marc Brandon Hor
Chief Associate Visual Director: Genevieve Peck
Chief Writer: Amelia Jaishree

Monday, January 18, 2016

Impression - Opening Sequence of Singapore Sports Hub 2015

Impression - Opening of Singapore Sports Hub 2015

Visualizer for the Opening of Singapore Sports Hub, 
for event Ministry of Education's "Youth Celebrate!"  

Impression of Movement 4 - Set Direction Asean Para Games

Set Director for Asean Para Game 2015 (APG)

Tree Painting Mural- Instructional Guide

Step 1: Draw the shape of the tree trunk on the wall.
Step 2: Create the shape of leaves on PVC board, which can be paper cardboard, the former material is lasting while the latter may not achieve  

s of this birds using either BLUE or GREEN color pencils.
Be careful not to use the "watercolor pencil", which may result in washing the lines away.

Mural for D&S Design Studio Pte Ltd

Geriatric Medicine

Another video-scribing: Development of Geriatric Medicine in Singapore.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Videoscribing Inspired Animation

I conceptualize this videoscribe animation for National Education: A videoscribing involving students, teachers, non-teaching staffs and IT professionals. Rightfully, a videoscribe uses software like Sparkol to create the animation, my approach to this is traditional medium.
How so? Because contextually the drawing hands are made up of a community of different ethnic colours locally.

Completion of Feature Wall